Hello, I'm Clare Barry. Here's what I believe: time and attention are our most precious commodities.

It took burnout and bereavement for me to realise that creativity, connection to self and community, and being curious matter. Once-upon-a-time, my creativity was in a puddle at the bottom of the career ladder. I’d had an imagination interruption, I raced through my days and I suffered from chronic back pain.

Inspiration was everywhere when I stopped long enough to breathe.
— Clare Barry

In 2014, I had surgery on my lumbar spine and it changed my life.  Just twenty-four hours after the op, my rockstar neurologist discharged me with minimal pain relief and instructions to take a daily walk. Each tentative footstep hurt, yet the slower pace allowed urban vignettes to unfold before me. I realised slow walking and unplugging helped me spark ideas and so the Urban Curiosity Walkshop was born.

Later, I ambled out of my dream job as co-founder of the London School of Economics’ entrepreneurship hub and became a flâneuse; today I walk, observe city life unfolding and collect urban vignettes.

When I am not writing the city I help busy people explore their creativity through my workshops, retreats and escapes. 

I choose to thrive. Will you join me?


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