Did you know that inspirare means to inhale in Latin? 

Think about it. City life is frenetic. You rush through your days reviewing mental to-do lists, ruminating about past conversations or fretting over future plans. And you probably spend more time online than sleeping. 

It's no wonder you feel frazzled and unfulfilled. 

If you’re struggling with digital overwhelm and feel you never have enough time to think, play, or create then an Urban Curiosity Walkshop will help. 


Explore the streets with a fresh perspective

Boost your creative confidence during a two-hour Urban Curiosity Walkshop and:

  • look up and not down into a glowing screen,

  • breathe deeply, make eye contact and be open to the possibility of a conversation with strangers,

  • learn how to reconnect with the urban environment through simple prompts and observational exercises,

  • depart with practical tips to reframe your digital life and get curious every day.


Best of all?

Words, concepts, pitches, plans, art, mind maps, arguments and ideas – any of these may follow.

Reframe your digital life and get time and headspace for what really matters to you.


flaneuse and founder Urban Curiosity


PS. Unplug, slow down and ignite your imagination today.

Having a social media meltdown? A digital burnout? One antidote is the new series of Urban Curiosity Walkshops. Hit the streets with pen and paper and, most importantly, your attention span.
— TimeOut London

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