Reviving Retreats with Savse smoothies & Urban Curiosity


Unplug, slow down. 

Imagine four days to focus on nothing and no-one except you and your desires.

Leave routine, ruts and responsibilities behind. 

Give yourself permission to not be in charge.

Reclaim time for thinking, napping, and dreaming. 

See things differently.

This is your antidote to life in the fast lane. Are you coming? 




Ireland from Sunday 15 - Wednesday 18 October 2017.

The Cliff House Hotel is the only five-star seaside hotel in Ireland. Located in a pretty seaside village less than an hour from Cork Airport, this privately owned establishment attracts visitors from all over the world.

YOUR retreat is about REST AND opening up to possibility

Escaping to the sea is the first thing I do when I need to reconnect to source. There is something soothing about an empty beach in the off-season. And the light in this part of the world is divine. The elements will wake you up as we take a short stroll along the coastline. Taste the sea salt and inhale the clear fresh air. 

Our reward? The cosy delights of the cliffside hotel where you can read by an open fire, journal and sip hot tea or become mesmerised by the crashing waves from the comfort of the spa (or the bar...). 

This retreat is about embracing the winter months, slowing down, and listening to how our body feels and what messages it wants to tell us, if only we'd stop long enough to listen. Let's get curious about who we are and where we want to go. 


This retreat was exactly what I needed to avoid burnout and press the reset button. Clare created a no pressure environment and I had the absolute pleasure to connect with ladies who I now consider friends.
— Aimee DuFresne, author and coach
The real eye catcher is the architecture of the building itself and its stunning views, through huge windows and walls of glass. It’s a feel good place, full of light.
— The Telegraph

Food & Drink

Michelin stars in Ireland are hard to come by and Martijn Kajuiter has one; his team serves innovative and exceptional meals in a spectacular dining room. Imagine this: an ocean-facing, glass-walled heaven with velvet banquettes to sink into.

Each day will start with an à la carte breakfast and for dinner, we'll have a relaxed meal in the bar restaurant which has lovely old-world comfort and contemporary Irish warmth. Our closing celebration will be special: sea scallops, local crab, meltingly soft beef, freshly caught fish and beautiful veggies abound. You're in for a treat!






You can be as clean-eating or indulgent as you like here. THIS IS YOUR RETREAT.






Relax and reconnect to your inner self and your surroundings. SPACE TO SIMPLY BE.



Spa Experience

The Well, the Cliff House's intimate destination spa, is the ideal spot to rest up after a tramp along the beach. The ethos here is all about the healing energy of the ocean and Ireland's natural assets. Treatment products include goodies by French skincare goddess Anne Semonin and, my fave, Irish organics brand Voya.

Float in the infinity-edge pool and or nip into the outdoor heated Jacuzzi and you might spot a Minke whale or a dolphin in the bay. 

There's a section on The Well's website referencing 'active wellness'. If you fancy doing sun salutations, yoga is included in your retreat. That, and walking, will be as much activity as I'll need. But you can do as you please.


Your Retreat Host

Disappearing from your family and friends is a big deal, I know. 

Learn more about why I created this retreat here.

Learn more about why I created this retreat here.

That's why I've created a retreat to fit in with your busy life. 

Hello. I'm Clare Barry. I'm a Londoner, anti-burnout expert and the founder of Urban Curiosity. 

A Reviving Retreat is the kind I needed back when I climbed the career ladder by day, wrote novels by night and had a one-way ticket to burnout. 

If you're tired and craving a distraction-free break to focus on just you, come to Ireland. 


After a few days' respite from the frantic pace of life in our hyperconnected world, you'll be ready to return home inspired and feeling revived.

You will love this part of the world. I can't wait to meet you there.


How we'll spend our time together

Morning workshops, long lunches + plenty of free time for naps and massages 


Find out what “mindfulness” actually means, and how mindfulness can shift your mood and boost your creativity and productivity (without throwing your computer into the bin or meditate on top of a mountain!

Discover how to create a more balanced relationship with technology, so that technology becomes a helpful tool, not a perpetual distraction and energy-drain.

Best of all, we'll explore how to listen to our intuition and reclaim time and headspace for the priorities that truly matter so that you can achieve more in less time, but without burning yourself into the ground. 


Whether you consider yourself creative or not, discover the pleasure that comes from doodling, dipping brushes in vibrant ink pots, tearing images out of magazines, folding thick paper, daubing the page with stamps covered in rainbow inkpad.

Enjoy the delight of creative expression without any attachment to it being 'good'. 

No sharing, no judgement - just dipping, stamping, cutting, glueing, dabbing, stippling? Oh! Yum yum yum. Plus, you'll create a tiny book by the end of your retreat, I'll show you how. It will be a memento and manifesto.



Thank you for creating such a generous and warm welcoming space for us all. So much of what I realised that day is still sinking in for me – I feel like the curtain has been pulled back in so many ways. It was a privilege to get to know you.
— A Londoner

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