Hello, I'm Clare Barry 

As a writer, businesswoman, creative soul, and urbanite, I know how precious it is to carve out time for thinking and contemplation, for stillness and rest. An occasional retreat from reality is essential for my wellbeing. 

What about you?

This is your invitation: slow down, unplug, see things differently. 



New Year’s resolutions and grand strategic plans no longer serve me. This is better:

- paying attention to what feels light, not heavy

- wandering with nothing to do and nowhere to be

- throw in some scrumptious eats, a sun-lounger by the pool plus pen, paper, and paint

- taking respite from reality in a beautiful, elemental, and delightful place

- opening up to possibility and reclaiming time for thinking and wondering

- make all those juicy connections in my head and in real life

And that, my friend, is the essence of a Reviving Retreat with Savse Smoothies and Urban Curiosity.




I've created a programme of beautiful retreats for 2017.

There is a retreat to suit all schedules and budgets. Each one is designed to help you rest up and prepare to make the new year incredible. 

I've invited some of the coolest creative women who'll be our special guest experts. They'll share their best insights and practical wisdom. I'm talking innovation and advertising guru: Karen Ward of Curiosity Inc. and Alexandra Franzen - author and writing coach. 

We'll relax and share soulful stories. We'll return home ready to feel good and thrive.  And revived, I hear you ask. Oh yes. Refreshed and ready for life. 

You'll be totally looked after on your retreat. Think: elegant surroundings, exhilarating experiences, revelations, discoveries and new friendships. It'll be very high end but without the stuffiness.

Which one will you choose?

Which retreat is calling you?

Whether you have the time or budget for a residential retreat or not, here's the deal: I'm a total pedant when it comes to luxury being, you know, actually luxurious and not just a label slapped on a product, menu, or website. That's why the bed has to be tip top, those meals truly orgasmic and that spa? To. Die. For.

Call me a control freak but I've done all the research (tough gig!) and I have curated these glorious retreats for us. It's the least I can do if you're going to leave duties and obligations behind to spend a few days with me and an intimate group of like-minded souls. Being looked after and guided is a delicious feeling when you're the woman used to doing the fire-fighting and decision-making. 

Curiously yours,

PS. Questions? Email me.


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