Stop a-while. Catch your breath. 

What would happen if you gave yourself:

- the gift of time, space and freedom from routine, responsibilities, crazy schedules and demands from other people? 

- permission to savour this moment? 

REVIVING RETREATS with Savse Smoothies & Urban Curiosity

Four-day retreats from £1,397pp + one-day non-residential retreats priced at £197pp LUXURIOUS VENUES    SPACE TO THINK    TIME FOR CREATIVITY

Four-day retreats from £1,397pp + one-day non-residential retreats priced at £197pp



It's going to be sublime. Which retreat will you pick?

There’s a lot to be said for giving oneself “permission” to have time away from all the routines and technological noise of everyday life to explore the inner mind a bit. I can’t recommend this retreat highly enough to anybody who wants to take some time out.
— SZ, digital publisher

The Team


CLARE BARRY - HOST + founder

Urban Curiosity is a wellness and creativity company founded by Londoner and anti-burnout expert Clare Barry in 2014. She uses the Urban Curiosity applied mindfulness methodology to help busy people slow down and reflect on how they 'spend' their most precious resources: time, energy, and attention. 

Clare is a writer and speaker, she leads monthly Urban Curiosity Walkshops in London - these are part digital detox, part creativity session on foot. 

During 2017 Clare will lead small groups of women on Reviving Retreats with Savse smoothies. Special guest experts include: Karen Ward, founder of Curiosity Inc. and author and writing coach Alexandra Franzen. Find out why Clare created Reviving Retreats here.


We are thrilled to partner with the UK’s fastest growing smoothie brand on the Reviving Retreats with Savse smoothies programme for 2017.  Savse is a London-based company that is passionate about both mental and physical wellbeing. Their energising smoothies taste delicious, are never heat pasteurised, and have no added colours, flavours, or preservatives - they''re simply crammed full of goodness!

Savse inspires you to be the best you can be and Urban Curiosity will help you thrive. 

Our retreat goody bags include swag from our generous friends at daniellelaporte.comBenefit, Food At Heart and Department Store for the Mind plus other leading lifestyle and wellness brands.

We’re made different from other brands out there and have partnered with Urban Curiosity on this unique series to help spread the message that we need to prioritise looking after ourselves.
— Guka Tavberidze, founder and CEO of Savse smoothies

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