An Urban Curiosity Walkshop is a enlightening and powerful team activity that encourages participants to view the city through a different lens, allow space for thinking and make connections. It offers them the opportunity to share creative insights and personal reflections; they explore how their relationship with the digital world enhances or detracts from interactions in the real one. Best of all, participants learn easy ways to make space for mindfulness each day. 



With plenty of stops to focus and observe, stretch our imaginations a little, look for the extraordinary, tucked in amongst the ordinary.
— Margie Skinner, Independent Publisher


We custom design a route and theme according to your company or organisation's needs. Sessions range from 1.5 hours to all-day depending on your requirements. 

They may take place at breakfast, lunchtime or after work, in a location near your office, or even in your office complex if time and weather constraints are a concern. 

Get in touch to discuss how we can help your team unplug and spark ideas!


Self-Guided WALKSHoPS

Ideal for managers, learning and development professionals and team leaders who wish to lead a Walkshop themselves, the existing range of London-located and themed Walkshops is available as a downloadable PDF. This may be used as the basis of your private session. 




You may make a private group booking for an existing Walkshop already scheduled in our calendar.  Individual bookings are limited to no more than 4 people, so please contact Clare directly to secure your group Walkshop for 4 or more individuals.