Mouth & Mind | Urban Food Fortnight

What would happen if you pressed pause on your busy life and took a moment to truly experience the world around you?

Mouth & Mind invites you to walk, talk, reflect and taste. This fun and social experience will help you focus on being in the moment and feel more creative.

Mouth & Mind combines two creative activities: walking and cooking.

Stretch your legs and your imagination with a reflective stroll around an intriguing area of east London. Reconnect with the external environment, then feel and consider your internal reactions.

Your walk is followed by a serene tasting and cooking session in a peaceful urban workspace. Come prepared to crunch, slurp and savour with focus.

This session gives you the opportunity to pause and truly taste, using all your senses. You’ll take part in tasting meditation and have the chance to experiment with flavours and textures, before joining forces with fellow participants to make delicious meat-free dishes.


You’ll each be given a set of key ingredients, and lots of seasonings and flavourings to play with. You can then let your food and flavour imagination run wild!

We finish with a shared meal of the flavour-filled dishes you’ve created.

If you’re looking for a different way to switch off and switch on, Mouth & Mind is for you.

The ticket price includes:

– special handmade notebook

– a Department Store for the Mind ‘Character Strengths’ pencil to note your reflections

– all ingredients used in the food / cooking session (ingredients are organic and seasonal where possible)

Tickets are non-refundable but you may give/sell your ticket to another person.

Mouth & Mind is an Urban Curiosity partnership with Meredith Whitely, founder of Food At Heart.

Meredith runs reflective cooking and tasting events as part of her business. Her aim is to help people explore food and flavour with a genuine sense of awareness.

Clare is the founder of Urban Curiosity; her Urban Curiosity Walkshops are part digital detox, part creativity session - all on foot.