Indulge Your Curiosity Today

Indulge your curiosity today and pursue your desire for more information - it might just make you sharper and help you live longer. Instead of allowing those wonderings to float into your head and out again, take five minutes to explore the answer or context to those musings.

Just think of how much time we spend browsing the Internet, reading, or just gossiping. Nature seems to have endowed us with a desire for information that’s so strong it operates even when it doesn’t help us go out and hunt down a woolly mammoth.
— Benjamin Hayden

Our curiosity is what differentiates us from apes and yet often we ignore the questions that arise daily because we're ruminating on the past or fretting about the future. Bring yourself back to right now. And consider this: how easy is it to resist the urge to plug your question into the search engine? What happens when you find alternative methods to discover more? How does it feel?